Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Girl Genius

I ran across Phil and Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius years ago. Girl Genius is a "gaslight fantasy" (essentially steampunk) comic about mad scientists. At the time it had just made the transition from conventionally published paper comic to webcomic. Because of how the Foglios chose to do that, releasing back issues gradually at the same time they issued new pages, I found it incomprehensible. You had the early stuff which made sense, then a continuity jump of unreleased back issues, then the new stuff which lacked sufficient backstory. I'm please to say that the gap of unreleased print material has been filled in since I last visited the site. What was once incomprehensible is now comprehensible. Or at least any incomprehensibility is purely the fault of the storytelling instead of the release schedule.

It's good stuff. But the archives are deep enough that it will probably take you the better part of a couple days to read it all. So don't get into it until you have the time to spend.

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