Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Worth of a One-Liner

Comics jokes from IMAO that really tickled my funnybone this week:

If Jim from the Office is going to play Captain America, then Dwight should be the Red Skull.

Wolverine’s self-healing ability was evolved in response to Canada’s government run health care.


John said...

I like the Wolverine one.

I noticed that you stopped using Haloscan. Was it not working up to standard?

Paul Smith Jr. said...

I liked this one I saw Twitter:
"Jim from The Office may play Cap America? What, he'll sheepishly shrug The Red Skull to death?"

Jeff the Baptist said...

Haloscan is discontinuing the Haloscan system and switching to Echo (a pay service). Blogger comments seem to have improved a lot since I started, they're free, and I don't have to worry about Blogger 2.0 compatibility issues. I dumped my old Haloscan comments to files and then switched.

Jeff the Baptist said...

New favorite one-liner:

Obama to American people: “Shut up! I won, not you!”