Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Use with a Detroit Tigers Cap

Jalopnik noticed a 1981 Ferrari GTSi for about $12k on eBay. Why so cheap? Well the body and interior are in good shape, but under the rear bonnet is... the 2.8 liter V6 and it's manual transmission from a Pontiac Fiero. It's like every kit car in reverse.

Now the commenters over at Jalopnik are split. I'm in the little bit of awesome camp. The bodywork and interior are in great shape. The stock Ferrari tires are oddly sized and therefore ridiculously expensive, so the owner changed hubs to something widely available. The original US spec Ferrari engine is both ridiculously maintenance intensive and woefully underpowered because of it's 80s era smog controls. Was the Fiero transplant the best way to address this? No. But a change to something more powerful and more reliable would be very interesting. Something high-revving would be appropriate. Several people have suggested the Yamaha V6 from the SHO. I would think a number of 3ish liter Honda V6s might work as well.

And I love the 308 GTSi. Maybe it's the years of watching Magnum P.I. as a kid. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to buy a Tigers cap and a Hawaiian shirt. When I think about Ferraris, I think of the US Spec 308 GTS. Unlike the rest of the world, I actually enjoy what the US spec bumpers do to the cars lines. If I had a garage, I'd think about bidding. Since I don't (and this car has '80s era rust proofing) I guess I'll have to pass. And keep my eye out.


Duffy said...

Transmission has to go. It's not going to be able to handle anything with any sort of meaningful horsepower. For 12K its a good deal. Pull the transmission and the motor and put in a short block crate motor and a mated transmission and you're set. I'd wager all be a very few of the 308/328's still have the stock rims/tires either.

Quite often most of the cars from that era were best when they had euro chassis mated with American motors. Think Pantera with the 351 cleveland.

Weer'd Beard said...

That is pretty darn cool, its essentially a kit car but with the part of the kit you can't get (legit Ferrari body work and interior!)

In other news I told my Father I was onto his lies and that my REAL Dad is Magnum PI.

Just sayin'