Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Easy Mark

I also seem to be the type or person that con-artists pick as a likely mark. But because Delaware is pretty small state, people tend to work the same areas over and over. Back when Amy was taking the train in a lot, I used to get hit up by the same well-dressed twentysomething at the Wilmington Train Station. He didn't remember me, but I sure remembered him. He doesn't take it too well when you inform him that he gave you the same sob story last month. Especially if you say it loud enough that the whole train station can hear. Other people have tried to work me in the Newcastle Walmart parking lot as well. They tend to hoof it towards their cars when you tell them you've heard it before from them.

The weird thing about all of this is that regular people didn't tend to bother me on the street. Even as a scrawny college student people ignored me or got out of my way. Perhaps I just don't look angry or purposeful enough anymore?


Mike W. said...

In college I had a guy outside of Trabant in Newark try to hustle me twice in the same day using identical stories.

He got pretty loud & angry when I told him he'd just tried this a couple hours ago and wasn't getting anything from me.

I often wonder if perhaps predatory folks pick up on my slight limp more often than the average non-observant person. I wouldn't be surprised if that plays a role.

Jon the Presbyter said...

I think they pick on you because you're covered in tabby fuzz.