Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Capes!

Wonder Woman has new clothes. This is nothing new. Artists are always fooling around with her costume in little ways. Much like Batman, the devil is in the details. Her divided skirts turned into star-spangled spanks. Shoes became sandals which became boots. Then those lost their heels. Her bracelets enlarge and contract. The shape of various pieces of gold trim shifts. But the basic look of the classic costume is still easily identifiable.

John C. Wright(one image NSFW) correctly points out that this new major makeover makes her look like a high school mallrat. I'm wondering when the bracelets and tiara will show up at Claire's. But hey at least it's not as bad as the black biker shorts from her gritty 90s period. And she kept her powers so Gloria Steinem should stay happy.


Jeff the Baptist said...

Unfortunately I can't fix it now, but John C. Wrights discourse contains a picture that is NSFW.

Jon the Presbyter said...

Actually, I think they did dial back her powers for the relaunch, not that I mind terribly. I don't think Wonder Woman has to be as powerful as Superman to be a great character in her own right. Batman gets by, after all.

As for the costume, I have two points: 1) Wonder Woman does not look like a stripper, but strippers sometimes try to look like Wonder Woman. She owns that look. 2) The new costume reminds me a lot of the 1974 Wonder Woman TV movie starring Kathy Lee Crosby. They redid the costume in that one, too. Man it sucked.

Anonymous said...
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John said...

I don't really care for the new costume, but only for indecent reasons.

My wife had a Wonder Woman costume when she was little. She ran around the neighborhood playing Diana. I think that I'd now prefer her in the old costume.