Monday, June 20, 2011

Hitchens on Mamet

Christopher Hitchens' review of David Mamet's The Secret Knowledge on the Dismantling of American Culture had this to say:
This is an extraordinarily irritating book, written by one of those people who smugly believe that, having lost their faith, they must ipso facto have found their reason.
That's funny because the same could be said of Hitchen's own book of atheist evangelism God is Not Great.

From Ace of Spades.


Anonymous said...


have you taken the trouble to read "god Is Not Great"?
A simple yes or no shall suffice.

Jeff the Baptist said...

No. I haven't read either book. A friend read Hitchens and basically told me not to waste my money. He also indicated that a better book on the same topic would be Dawkins' God Delusion.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d for well-read friends like yours.

I suppose a friend read the Bible and told you it is an Alpha and Omega, The Truth, The Light and The Way, The Path to Everlasting Righteousness. And that is probably all it took.
I have been talking with Christians for well over 30 years. Less than 5% have read the most important book there ever was. It is very depressing.

Hitchens is a true virtuoso of language and requires effort to keep up. But it is great exercise, from time to time.

The most potent atheist book ever assembled is (you guessed it) The Bible. I doubt Hitchens converted many wayward souls to atheism. One cannot reason a believer out of what they were never reasoned into.

This a by far better book by a former evangelical preacher.

Read it, Baptist. Any belief worth having must withstand doubt.

If you do not want to tithe an apostate,

I once had a friend who said "The trouble with the Word of God is that one cannot really tell whether it is not the trick of Satan". Wonder where he read it.

Jeff the Baptist said...

His criticism of Hitchens is not "he's hard to read", his criticism is that Hitchen philosophical and rational analysis was amateurish and ridden with holes.

I've examined my faith. I have tested it. I've read the bible that you seem to think will convince me to abandon it cover to cover multiple times. I think you're barking up the wrong tree here.

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