Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Anti-War Movement

John has made some remarks which have drawn ire from Christians of a left leaning persuasion.

Now let me preface my thoughts with a few things. It is completely permissible for you to be a good Christian and dislike George W. Bush. There are many reasons to do so. My personal peeve is that he can't stop spending my money, but he has also fallen far short of a peace-making Christian ideal. I'm not calling the man a warmonger, but his leadership style has definitely been more bloody-handed David than wise and peaceful Solomon.

But. Of course there is a "but."

But is the anti-war movement the way to go? I don't think so. Frankly, I don't see it embodying a peace loving spirit either. As Donald Sensing and Christopher Hitchens have pointed out, these are not people that oppose all violence on principle. They seem to have no problems committing acts of vandalism and physical intimidation themselves. Nor are they supporting any discernible peace process except immediate and complete withdrawal of our troops. Will troop withdrawal lead to peace? No it will almost certainly lead to Iraq descending into chaos.

Instead they are morally supporting the people we are fighting, who are not peace makers either. They are merciless killers of innocent women and children. Why are they killing women and children? Because US and Iraqi soldiers have become increasingly good at shooting back.

As I said, there are good reasons to dislike George Bush. I'm not a big fan myself, but you need to give me a good alternative. A Massachusetts liberal wasn't it. There are good reasons to hate the war, but you need to give me a good alternative. Our soldiers are sinners just like us, but they are saints compared to those they fight against. If you want to claim the high ground you need to be peacemakers not just war-haters.

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