Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Urgent Prayer Needed

Remember when I had a prayer request at the top of the blog for a week? Well my good friend and one of your fellow readers need your prayer support yet again. It seems his father has taken a sudden turn for the worse. He is asking for prayer for his dad's health and for his salvation.

For those not aware of the situation, my friend's father is in his late seventies and has terminal pancreatic cancer. He may or may not be a Christian, the family isn't sure.

The doctors were expecting him to have several more months, but pancreatic cancer is unpredictable. The current crisis may be caused by complications of his chemotherapy regime or it may be the start of the end. They just don't know enough at this point. Everyone is certainly hoping the best but steeling themselves for the worst.

Please raise his father up in prayer, both physically and spiritually. Also pray for the family, that they would be have boldness and strength in the face of everything that is going on.

My friend seemed pretty anxiety ridden when I talked to him on the phone. He spent this weekend in Ohio with his dad, but came home to go back to work this week. He will be driving from Delaware back to Ohio tomorrow (Wednessday) morning.

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