Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting in Shape

Amy and I picked up recumbent exercise bike yesterday. Both Amy and I fit on it, it was solid, and it had a heart rate monitor. That hit all the boxes on our check list.

We actually picked it up ourselves. Literally as a fair bit of carrying was involved. The store we purchased it from is within walking distance of our house. It seemed kind of stupid to pay a $100 install fee to move a piece of equipment less than a mile, especially when it broke down into fairly light weight parts. They took it apart, we got the pieces in our cars, drove home, moved it in, and put it back together. Seems to work great so far and we have a heft warranty if it doesn't.

Now we just need to rearrange our basement so we can watch the TV, use the bike and the treadmill, and still be able to put her parents down there on the hide-a-bed when they visit. That should provide a pretty decent workout when I'm off on Friday.

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