Monday, June 09, 2008

Story of My Life


Amy and I are looking at health equipment. We have a treadmill which works well for walking, but not for much else. It really isn't up to the load a 185 lbs. jogger like myself puts on it. Seriously, the lights in the basement dim in time with my stride and the load I put on its motor.

I started looking at ellipticals because of this. Unfortunately I've since discovered by doing the department store rounds that cheap ellipticals are garbage. Getting a good one means putting out over a grand. Not the price range I want. This has me looking at exercise bikes. The recumbent ones, because the standard bicycle layout gets darned uncomfortable during a workout of any significant duration. Decent ones seem to be available at around $300.

The problem? Amy hated ellipticals and didn't care what I bought. Amy wants to use the exercise bike though. This means we need one with a pretty wide range of seat adjustment because I'm almost a foot taller than my wife. So far no luck with that. Ah well the search goes on.

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