Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Massachusetts Senate Race

This just in... Teddy Kennedy has reportedly voted for Coakley to replace him in the Senate. Twice.

I don't know whether Brown will win this one. Polling says it's close. Several people have pointed out that the margin of victory will unlikely surpass the margin for potential fraud. I think it is great that he's making a race of it though. I also have a wonderful feeling of schadenfreude that this whole situation would be a non-issue if the Massachusetts legislature hadn't been so scared of a Republican Governor appointing a Republican Senator in 2004.

The really interesting thing to me is the Democratic reaction. They seem to be doubling down on the stupid. Hey these policies are so bad we're even having trouble in Massachusetts! Lets do them even harder! I kind of expect this from their party leadership, most of whom are sitting in secure seats. But the rank and file? Not so much, especially the Blue Dogs in the House who are quite likely going to be thrown out on their ear in 10 months.


John said...

They seem to be doubling down on the stupid.

It looks like they won't, now a day later. That's too bad, because I'd take that bet.

Now, to business: begin Republican complacency phase. Countdown 5...4...3...

Right now, the best minds in the GOP leadership are trying to find a way to screw up this victory.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Agreed. 9 months is a long time and the Dems can still get their act back together. The GOP needs to double down, get to work, and put together a slate of good candidates with a decent opposition party platform.