Thursday, February 18, 2010

Frank Lautenberg

Pundits are speculating that he may be the next Democrat to announce their retirement because of his recent health issues. Lautenberg is 86 and recently injured himself in a fall after which physicians discovered a bleeding ulcer. I still doubt he'll retire, not because it would be a bad idea, but because he's already retired in 2000. When Lautenberg was tapped to take over for the disgraced Bob Torricelli in 2002, he publicly expressed deep regret for ever retiring and did so again in 2008.


Jeff the Baptist said...

Lautenberg has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

John said...

I heard that a bill was introduced into the NJ legislature a couple of years ago that would require a governor to fill a Senate vacancy with a member of the exiting Senator's party. But I don't know if it passed.

Jeff the Baptist said...

I don't think it passed, but they're talking about it again now that Chris Christie (a Republican) won the governorship.