Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J&G Sales Offers Argentines

My standard sidearm is a 9mm hipower made by FN. When I bought it FN was blowing them out through CDNN for $400. Since then the price for a hipower has skyrocketed to around $800. In retrospect I should have bought two. Since then several of the manufacturers of hipower clones, like Hungarian firm FEG, have also gone out of business. You can't get a cheap clone anymore either. The good news is that J&G is now offering Argentine M90 hipowers for around $330.

These aren't as slick as FN made guns and they don't have the modern extended manual safeties or firing pin safety. I think that makes them around a MKII in FN nomenclature. But they are made under license to FN and parts should still interchange (unlike say the Inglis slide and frame kits from Numrich). That's good news if you want to drop in Cylinder and Slide parts kits.

I may still pick one up as a potential build gun.


John said...

Is the hipower your concealed carry gun?

Jeff the Baptist said...

I don't have a concealed carry gun as I do not have a license to carry concealed. I live in a may issue state and haven't had the time or money to jump through the required hoops.

My two pistols that would be useful for that purpose are the hipower and a 1911 government model. The hipower is as accurate, more reliable, and significantly lighter so it would be my preferred carry gun of the two.