Thursday, September 06, 2007

Because Giuliani Is Too Hard to Spell

Fred Thompson is officially running, The Corner has the Tonight Show segment where he announced and Chris Byrne has Thompson's own announcement short.

I thought Thompson did well on the Tonight Show. As he should, I mean even the Today Show does more hard hitting journalism than the Tonight Show. More importantly, Thompson's take on modern campaigning sounds correct to me. With modern telecommunications, you shouldn't need to campaign longer. In fact you should be able to get the word out faster and more efficiently while spending less money. Longer campaign seasons generally just annoy the hell out of people and give the news networks something to fill airtime.

Also many pundits don't seem to understand that Thompson is polling well because the other Republican front runners suck. I'll never vote for McCain. Romney and Giuliani aren't much better. While Thompson has his flaws, ultimately he's more conservative and more of a traditional Republican than any of these guys. And Republicans will vote for him because of it.

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