Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Obliviousness

With ammunition prices going up, it is now long past time for me to buy a .22 rifle. I can buy a decent .22 and a brick of ammo (~500 rounds) for what it would cost me to buy just the 500 rounds for my M1 or AR. So I'm shopping around.

My first stop of the day was X-Ring Supply in Newark and I was in for a shock. Turns out the owner and FFL holder for the store was caught with crack cocaine in his possession a month ago. His FFL was suspended and all the guns in the shop have been seized. How did I miss that?

The store itself is still open, but it only has muzzle loaders and various firearms accessories in stock. While I couldn't care less about the owner, I hope the sales staff there come through this ok. While I actually prefer the staff at Millers in Newcastle, X-Ring was the real gun games shop in Northern Delaware.

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