Friday, September 07, 2007

Hot Under the Collar

Thanks to a call from DirectTV, I just found out that Verizon fucked up my billing information when we moved. Despite changing our phone service from one location to the other, our billing information stayed the same. So they've sent two months of phone/internet/satellite bills to an empty apartment. Unfortunately our mail forwarding with the post office didn't catch the bills and I didn't notice that we weren't receiving them.

Now I'm going to be paying three months all at once, plus sundry late fees. I actually don't mind the three months of bills, the company deserves its money and I have been using its service. I am pissed about the late fees and any effects this may have on my credit history. Why I am holding the bag when one of their petty functionaries makes the mistake? So I am not happy.

Let's see if a call to the Delaware Public Service Commission can get any of this straightened out.

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