Friday, April 18, 2008

Breaching the Hive

At lunch today, the topic of over-seasoning food came up. I mentioned that Marylanders put Old Bay on everything. Everyone at the table looked at me and said "But it does taste great on everything." They began to go around the table listing the wonderful Old Bay flavored foods they enjoyed. Many of them, like Potato Chips, were completely unrelated to crab. They were hard pressed to come up with any food that wouldn't taste better with the addition of Old Bay.

It was at that moment I realize that I was eating among pod people or perhaps crazed cultists. Sure they looked just like me, but something was terribly wrong with them. I didn't drive, so I quickly said "Yes, of course it tastes great on everything!" to the true believers before I wound up stranded far from the office for my culinary sacrilege.

When I arrived back at the office, I walked straight to a former Midwesterner. "Old Bay Chips really are nasty, right?" "Oh God yes." Whew, safe.

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