Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Helping the Economy

Amybear and I picked up our first HDTV at BJs yesterday. In addition to blowing over a grand of our tax refund on that, we're looking at blowing additional money upfront and monthly for HD content from DirecTV. I may also pick up a PS3 when GTA4 comes out.

The TV a 42" Philips unit. Getting it home was interesting. My little Mazda was not designed to carry objects of that height and width. After we failed to get it into the trunk, a nice passer-by volunteered to help load it into the back seat. I think getting it out again required Amy and I to warp the fabric of space time. But hey the box is in the living room now.

UPDATE: Well it's set up. Amy and I are watching our normal DirecTV feed on the new TV (nice) and then we watched a DVD (nicer). One minor annoyance is that the automatic aspect ratio utility on the TV seems to be crap. It seems to default to 16:9 which really deforms broadcast TV. So I have to manually switch between 4:3 and 16:9 instead of the set automatically figuring things out for me. This would be fine if widescreen DVDs didn't feature both video formats in different parts of the same disk.

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