Saturday, April 12, 2008

From My Cold Dead Hands!

I picked up a Marlin 60 SB at Walmart yesterday as a birthday present and Buy a Gun Day purchase. It's a semi-automatic tube-fed rimfire .22 rifle. It even came with a really crappy scope (complete with crappy rings). I went with the stainless model mostly because it has better "iron" sights. The 60 is the most popular .22 in the world with over 11 million built since 1960.

While not as modifiable as the Ruger 10/22, the nice thing about the 60 is that you don't really have to change much. Rugers commonly get worked over quite heavily with new triggers, stocks, and barrels. All the 60 really needs is a fluff and buff to improve the trigger a bit. I'll probably take it to the range and then see if it needs it.

Should it prove itself worthy of a name, I believe I may call it Charlton or perhaps Charlie.

UPDATE: While Simmons scopes don't generally get a lot of respect in the gun world, their .22 mag Adjustable Objective variable seems to be well liked. Well that will save me some money.

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