Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Kerry Charisma

So I was checking Instapundit this morning like I usually do and took a look at this article by Claudia Rosett at the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal.

It got me to thinking about Democratic foreign policy. Their platform plank is John Kerry will do everything you liked about Bush foreign policy, only better, and with more of our traditional allies.

Now the like Bush but better isn't really worth talking about. Its something people say after the fact when they know nobody is going to check their references. The alliance builder part is what concerns me. Here is a piece by Mickey Kaus at the Democratic National Convention.
Based on an actual conversation!

Passenger: "Fleet Center, please."

Boston cab driver (an immigrant): "You like John Kerry, eh?"

Passenger: "Well, I'm a Democrat but I don't really like Kerry that much."

Cab driver: "I hear that all day. All day. 'I don't like Kerry.' Why you pick him if you don't like him?"

Yes this is the man who will unite the world behind us with the force of his personality and will. If he can't get his own party enthused for him, how the hell is he going to unite the world through alliance building in a way that Bush cannot? Other than by selling us out for the purpose of internationalism of course. I guess I don't buy it, but I'm probably going to be voting for the other guy anyway.


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