Thursday, July 08, 2004


I started this blog as a repository for all my earthly knowledge. Funny how its empty except for a test post isn't it? I suppose that says something about me and my knowledge then. What does it say I wonder? Probably some interesting mix of "dumbass" and "slacker." Both of which are true to varying degrees anyway. So I decided to get off my butt and start posting because otherwise I'm going to forget how to log in to the stupid thing.

I was thinking about writing some sort of introductory post filled with my name, rank, and serial number. But I'm lazy and with what I'm planning on writing you'll pick it up if you care to. If you don't well hey this is just my second post so I'm not sure if I give a damn either.

I actually didn't created this blog as a repository for all my earthly knowledge because frankly there's a lot of stuff you don't need to know. What I created it for is so that I can comment on other people's work that interests me. Lots of blogs that don't allow comments do allow trackbacks, so this is my central site for blog commenting. Granted I'll need to figure out how haloscan works so I can get trackbacks going in the first place though. I'll also be writing some of my own original ideas down and sharing bits of my life and perspective on things of course. But that basically goes without saying.

Oh, one last thing. I tend to have a dry sense of humor that doesn't come off well on the net for obvious reasons. People just think I'm a jerk unless I use way to many smilies. When I do that they just think I'm some giggly sixteen year old or something. I'd rather be a jerk than some damn noob. Sometimes I read something I wrote a month ago on message board and think I'm a jerk before I notice its me. Usually I just think I'm brilliant though. When that happens I get a nice affirmation out of it because I know I'm being the me-est me I can be. Anyway be advised this is a heavy sarcasm zone.

Jeez this post is already a hundred times the size of my last email to my girlfriend. And she has my blog address. And she will notice these things. Perhaps I had better stop before I get a stern talking to. Just kidding dear. She's reading this sitting at her laptop and making a :P face at the screen right now I can feel it.

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