Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Terror in the Skies: Cont'd

The comments from my last post have exposed a few flaws with the prayer theory.  The first is that an airliner bathroom is small and is not a place of ceremonial cleanliness.  Its also hard to tell where you are facing.  I think the problem of cleanliness is balanced with the fact that its the only place on the airliner a Muslim can perform the ceremonial washing (aka ablutions) that goes with prayer.  I don't know about the size, but if they are handicap accessible they are certainly big enough.

I've decided I like Technorati and I'll probably be using them for trackback instead of haloscan.  You link to my post's permalink and Technorati picks it up.  Its clean and I don't have to worry about one link for trackback and another for something else.  Works for me.  Why am I mentioning this?  Because its what The Volokh Conspiracy uses and they're how most people got here on the Terror in the Skies story.  I sent an email to Instapundit, but he didn't link up and he doesn't use any form of trackback either.  Darn you Glenn Reynolds!

Orin at Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy kindly reciprocated my link to them.  He seems to have gotten the blogosphere rolling to my door on this subject.  Its interesting to see different blogs refering to me as reasonable or sane.  Especially since I have never met these people.  At least one guy is a shiite muslim, and he doesn't find my theory too far fetched so I can be proud that a Baptist got Islam right.  Nice to have second opinions on my sanity though.  I hope my blog hasn't peaked with the third post.

I may have to get my blogroll rolling soon.  I also need to write some religious posts soon since I am Jeff the Baptist.

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