Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Smart People Missing the Point

I like Steven Den Beste's work over at USS Clueless.  As one of the Four Horsemen of the Blogpocalipse he is worthy of my respect.  Sometimes his work is good, other times it misses the point, and still other times its just hot air.  His last post is in the missing the point group.

Long story short, someone who has likely never read his blog emailed him looking for free publicity on a product.  Steven then researches the guy (who turns out to be the writer's publicist) and finds out that he is simply looking for free publicity.  So then Steven gives it to him.  Yup, Steven goes on a long winded your-a-bozo-look-how-smart-I-am tirade.  The point he missed?  There is no such thing as bad publicity and he has mentioned the guy's publicity company multiple times.  Even gives links to their email addresses, etc.  Granted he doesn't mention the name of the book, but all this guy needs to do is list the book on his website and Steven might as well have.

Not one of Steven Den Beste's brightest moments.  Pearls before swine...


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