Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Poor Writing at the AP

Head Investigator of the latest Abu Ghraib prison report, Gen. Paul Kern, speaks with reporters about the "serious misconduct and a loss of moral values" at the Pentagon, Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2004, in Washington.
That was a caption on a story in Yahoo news. Makes it sound like Kern was condemning the Pentagon doesn't it? He wasn't of course, he condemned the unit and its immediate chain of command. He gave the briefing at the Pentagon. Man is that an awful way to caption a story. The "in washington" preposition stuck on the end there just makes it worse.

John Kerry has this to say:
"Harry Truman had that sign on the desk and it said, 'The buck stops here,'" Kerry said. "The buck doesn't stop at the Pentagon."
Now what does John Kerry have with this story? Also, shouldn't a self-confessed war criminal like Kerry be a bit more tight-lipped and a little less critical?

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