Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Perils of Global Warming

As if global warming wasn't causing enough problems, it will also lengthen the annual activity cycle of the living dead:
A new study by scientists has suggested that zombie attacks might increase if the current projections of global warming are realized. “If the earth gets warmer, it means longer springs, summers, and falls, and shorter winters,” said John Carpenter-Romero, Ph.D., a zombie-ologist who co-authored the study. “And shorter winters means more time for the undead to prey on the populace.”
That is unless it triggers a new ice age.

Via TransTerrestrial.

Update: On the topic of zombies, I picked up Walking Dead: Book One. It is a large trade paperback containing the entire first year of Image's Walking Dead comic. I picked it up for around $20 with a discount. If you're a fan of all things zombie, it's worth picking up.

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