Thursday, February 07, 2008

Playing Catchup

I've been in training all week, so no access to a computer during the day means no new posts for you folks at any time. But this has been a busy week in the world:
  • McCain is now the presumptive Republican nominee. Joy. I hated all the Republican front runners so I actually voted for Ron Paul on Tuesday. His foreign policy is ludicrous but at least he actually has consistent political principles and among them is a commitment to limited government.
  • Mitt dropped out of the race today. Can't say I'll miss him.
  • Tornadoes in Tennessee? Tennessee? Did they get lost or something? Did they miss the left turn at Albuquerque?
  • The bread and circuses bill passed. People are calling this a token measure. Of course it's a token measure. It's an attempt by our elected officials to look like they're dealing with the problem. If any government entity is really going to make important changes, it's the Federal Reserve. But Congressmen and Senators don't get reelected by sitting back and letting the Fed do its job, now do they?
  • Amybear and I hit Miss AO's place last night and took turns playing with her Wii. It really was quite fun, but required a bit more motor control than I'm used to from a video game. I'm thankful it was Miss AO's Wii we tried out, since talking about playing with a male friend's Wii would result in poorly suppressed schoolboy giggles.
  • We netflixed in Stardust and watched it tonight. Amy thought it was strange, and it is, but I really really liked it. The whole story was novel yet classic. The fencing scenes at the end were also quite nice. Thankfully, I was able to keep from singing "Montage" from Team American while Tristan was learning to fence. I have got to get me a saber one of these days.
That should bring us about up to date.

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