Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spending Money Stupidly

I'm in pretty decent financial shape at the moment. Sure my retirement savings is taking a nosedive with the stock market, but in terms of current weekly input and output I'm doing well. So what should I spent that money on? Swords, knives, kilts?

How should Jeff waste his money?
Ronin Swords Deshi Katana
Kukri House No 1 Kukri
Windlass Gurhka Kukri
Stillwater Gordon Standard Kilt
Stillwater Solid Green Heavyweight Kilt
Other (Use Comments)
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UPDATE: Doh! I figured out why I have a few hundred extra dollars in my bank account. I haven't got the bill for the exercise bike that Amy and I bought yet. I may still have extra dough after this, but not nearly as much as I had thought. The good news is that I've been using the bike every other day for two weeks so it hasn't been a stupid purchase. In fact, if I wind up losing a few pounds it'll be a pretty smart buy.