Thursday, February 15, 2007

Deep in the Heart of Dixie

You may have noticed that blogging is light. That's because I've been out of town since Monday and won't get back to Delaware until sometime tomorrow night.

The local cuisine 'round here is interesting y'all. The locals tastes run along the same lines as Londoners, i.e. the best meals are from ethnic joints. I've had some great Mexican food, some decent sushi (made by Koreans of course), and of course there was the local Chinese buffet. But they all remembered they were in the South and the default "tea" was actually sweet tea.

I was expecting there to be a good southern establishment that served nothing but barely cooked hunks of dripping red meat. Mmm... No such luck though, evidently the best of those sold out a while back. Strange.

It's also plenty cold down here. It's gotten above freezing, unlike at home, but not enough that standing outside for hours at a time (like I've been doing) is fun. And I left most of my heavy winter stuff at home. Oops.

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