Monday, February 05, 2007

What's It About

Actually it is more of a story of Darwinian social evolution.

Amy and I spent some time yesterday at Between Books, my favorite Delaware bookstore, and pre-ordered the new Harry Potter. Amy picked up Red String. We thought it was a translated manga from Japan, but it turned out to be a webcomic drawn in manga style. It is written by Gina Biggs, a Florida woman, and is published by Dark Horse. I picked up World War Z. It should be an interesting read although I did have some issues with the earlier Zombie Survival Guide.

Between Books is located on near the Arby's and Wawa on Philadelphia Pike in Claymont. It is part book store, part games store, and part comics shop. It does all three well. If you are in Delaware and into any of these things stop by and give Greg your business. He doesn't need it, but the store is so good he practically deserves it.

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