Monday, March 10, 2008

Dishonest History

David E. Young takes 15 historians to task for an amicus brief to D.C. vs. Heller that isn't just poorly reasoned, but is actually factually inaccurate. He doesn't list the names of the professors involved, but they are:
  1. Jack Rakove
  2. Saul Cornell
  3. David T. Konig
  4. Bill Novak
  5. Lois Schwoerer
  6. Fred Anderson
  7. Carol Berkin
  8. Paul Finkelman
  9. R. Don Higginbotham
  10. Stanley N. Katz
  11. Pauline R. Maier
  12. Peter S. Onuf
  13. Robert E. Shalhope
  14. John Shy
  15. Alan Taylor
I'm going to look into these people more later, but I already know that several of them are Brady Center affiliated.

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