Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't have a horse in this race, but I have found a few quotes downright hilarious. Like Vodkapundit's:
Governor Eliot Spitzer: Cleaning up New York one prostitute at a time. Sometimes maybe even two at a time.
Or Suitably Flip's:
The Emperors Club reportedly arranged for female accompaniment at rates as dear as $5,500 an hour and also offered investment advice. Full service, indeed.
Sadly Flip doesn't know how to spell "schtupp." Must not be a good Jewish boy... But investment advice? What a great idea! It would be even better if they allowed you to bill their services in some way that is tax deductible. These might be the first prostitutes to make you money since Grand Theft Auto.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse has a roundup of late night monologues about Schtuppergate.

If anything this proves to me how stupid NBC is for taking their content off YouTube and backing Hulu (which is currently in closed beta). I can't watch the Leno and Conan jokes if I want to, but Comedy Central and CBS get free advertising.

UPDATE2: Amybear turned on Good Morning America this morning. One of the Governor's former service professionals had called ABC to defend him. The former prostitute (who had since moved into internet pornography) said that Spitzer was a great guy. He was kind and considerate and always tipped well. A model John. I suppose this is high praise indeed from the people who trade in the world's oldest commodity.

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