Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grand Re-opening

X-Ring Supply off 273 in Newark is holding their grand reopening today after losing their Federal Firearms License last year. We'll see what effect new management has on the old place. I'll probably be checking it out this afternoon.

UPDATE: It was a good event. Not only were they giving away free food and the usual advertising gewgaws, but they were also giving out Hoppes gun cleaning kits to anyone who wanted one. Their gun selection still isn't up to it's former glory, but I did get some price quotes for AR-15 scopes that are competitive with online retailers.

The new X-Ring also had a lot of women inside. This makes a lot of sense because the new owners are the sisters of the old owner. The old shop had a tendency to be a boys club in a very bad way. Amy was decidedly uncomfortable the last and only time she went in there. Hopefully the new one will be a bit friendlier and more open.

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