Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Importance of Carry

Kim du Toit made me aware of this account of a man protecting his daughter from two would-be thieves. They wanted a Gameboy and since they couldn't steal one from Walmart, they marked two people who just bought one and tried to take it by force in the parking lot. They didn't plan on a .45 automatic entering into it.

Quite a while ago, John the Methodist asked me which one of my guns I'd use for carry. I own three handguns, a Browning Buckmark, a 9mm FN Hipower, and a .45acp RIA 1911. The buckmark is a .22 target pistol. It doesn't have stopping power or reliability. The RIA has stopping power, but isn't as reliable as I would like. This is mostly the fault of me buying cheap magazines. This leaves my hipower as my "go to gun" for carry. It is accurate, powerful enough if I use hollowpoints, and it has never jammed.

What I need now is a decent holster for it. My current holsters are a cheap IWB that snags on the sights and a surplus thumbreak that is better, but still doesn't fit quite right. Since I do not have a concealed carry permit, the former is unacceptable even without snagging problems. I really need to pick up a good open carry holster, a few more magazines, some magazines carriers, and decent carry belt.

UPDATE: By the way, one of the more annoying things about the hipower is that if they carry a "hipower" holster, it often isn't actually made for hipowers. Most "hipower" holsters are just 1911 government or commander holsters that are marked "and hipower." While the two guns are similar in shape, they aren't quite the same and the 1911 holsters often don't fit quite right. I already have a holster that is better than nothing. I want something that is actually good.

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