Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heller Goes to Court

The Supreme Court will be hearing the oral arguments for D.C. vs. Heller at 10 a.m. They should last about 75 minutes. Scotusblog is planning on live-blogging it via the delayed CSPAN feed and hosting links to the audio.

My prediction on the final outcome? I agree with the Geek. I think the individual rights case will carry the day and that complete bans on entire types of weapons (like handguns) will not be considered "reasonable." I also think the Supremes will dodge the issue of incorporation via the 14th amendment. Why? Because they can.

UPDATE: Yup, individual rights carried the day. See Scotusblog for the transcript. The real question is what, if any, standard of review will the Supremes will put on current laws (reasonable, strict, etc.) That is up in the air.

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