Monday, August 15, 2005

Pwned by Madison Avenue

I got around to eating lunch a bit late today so I drove off to grab a bite at the Burger King on post. I originally intended to get a tendercrisp salad, but when I arrived at the cash register, televised advertising made me it's bitch. I ordered the Chicken Fries.

I don't know if they are over-rated, since I have yet to see anyone rate them. I can say that they are heavily over-sold. In advertisements you see a batch of fries nigh unto bursting from a bucket-like container. The thought may go through your head (as it did in mine) how can such glorious contents fit in such a paltry cardboard bucket? How do they close the damn thing?

The answer is that the actual chicken fries are far more meager. The sum total of the actual fries are equivalent to what is shown erupting from the container in their advertisements. The real fries do not burst from the container but are, in fact, easily contained within. Each fry is about the size of a typical home-fry, only made of admittedly yummy chicken bits covered with batter. They come with a tasty buffalo sauce. And six cost $1.89, the meal (with medium fries/rings and drink) is $4.59. Not cheap for glorified chicken tenders.

In short, Taco Bell's crunchwrap supreme advertizing revealed an excellent new lunch option to me. BK Chicken Fries reminded that if I want meal suggestions from someone wearing a chicken head, I'll ask YoUDee.

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