Friday, August 05, 2005

Sci-fi Friday

I'm a huge sci-fi fan, but frankly I'm starting to get really sick of the shows on sci-fi fridays. I'm sure Amybear will be thrilled by the prospect of that since she isn't a sci-fi nut.

The Stargates are interesting, but the plotlines are increasingly running along the lines of "team does something stupid making a new enemy and then does something smart to get themselves out of it." This is great except for the fact that I don't like shows about incompetents and they're creating new villians every weeks.

Galactica was interesting, but currently all the characters I give a damn about are either in comas or stranded on Caprica. Rosalin doesn't interest me, would you like to be led by someone with that much of a god complex? Apollo is annoying and Ty is incompetent. I am well and truly sick of many of the storylines that they refuse to wrap up, like Boomer and Baltar's hallucinations and everyone stranded on Caprica.

It would also be nice if they bothered to maintain a semblence of continuity. This weeks episode focused on people refusing to resupply Galactica because of the declaration of martial law. The problem with this are twofold:
  1. In the first season it is shown that Galactica has extensive stores and is actually used as a supply vessel for the fleet, not the other way around.
  2. Galactica is the only ship in the fleet capable of repelling an enemy attack and it is doubtful that the fleet will impair their only means of defense.
These aren't even touching issues like the social relationships within the fleet are all wrong. You can't get organized civil resistance if your population is split up over hundreds of vessels many of whom have crews of a hundred or less. You really can't do it if Galactica simply jams intership communications (which they've done to the Cylons) to prevent organized resistance.

Perhaps this season is the second act, where everything goes to hell? Even if it is, they have no excuse for implementing it so poorly.

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