Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Questions for Jeff?

I was reading this post by Joe Carter and thought I might do something similar. Do any you guys out there in bloggyland have questions for me about me? Ask them in the comments and I'll answer them right here. Or email me and you will be kept anonymous.
Do you plan to stay in Delaware? - John
Amybear and I both like Delaware a lot, so if we had our druthers that is where we would put down roots. But at the moment it depends on where Amy finds work. If she finds work far enough south (like Baltimore), I may end up moving to Maryland so we both have reasonable commutes.
What sort of engineering did you study in school? - John
I have a Bachelors and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I specialized in advanced composite materials and numerical modeling. Like most people, I don't exactly do what I went to school for, although some of the computer modeling is still useful.
Do you ever think you'll get your PhD? - Michael
I started my Masters degree with an eye towards extending it into a Ph.D. My graduate advisor even approached me, asking if I would like to stay. But I had had enough of school sometime in the middle of my Master's program. I still loved the research, but the coursework was a chore I grew to hate (and my grades show it). Maybe I'll go back for a Ph.D. some day, but I'm in no hurry. I won't regret it if I don't.

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