Monday, August 21, 2006

Reviews: World Trade Center

Members of the DCBA hit People's Plaza for what may be Oliver Stones least crappy movie ever. Anna, Anonymous Opinion, Paul, Amybear, and I were all ruing the prospect that this could be Stone's next JFK. I think we were all pleasantly surprised.

The movie is the story of two police officers caught up in the trade center collapse, their families, and their rescuers. The story is shown from the point of view of these characters, so you will not see planes hitting the towers or long shots of them collapsing. Stone deftly avoids those hot-button images because the characters didn't see them. Instead you see (sometimes feel is the more appropriate word) the towers collapsing from within the Trade Center complex where the central characters are standing (and running for their lives).

While not as emotionally draining as, say, the Passion of the Christ, World Trade Center isn't the feel good movie of the year. But it is still a good movie that is skillfully told with very little partisanship or kookie conspiracy crap thrown in.

That said, I enjoyed the company of my fellow alliance members much more than the movie itself. I hadn't met Anna or Anonymous in person and I was looking forward to it since I read their blogs regularly. On my next range visit (which will hopefully be Friday with my AR if the parts ever get here), I'm going to inquire about setting up a group range trip. Everybody seemed to like that idea.

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