Friday, August 18, 2006

Wheels & Politics: Hybrids

Well this pisses me off.
Hybrid Owners of America will strive to be a true voice for owners of gas-electric hybrid cars and other highly fuel-efficient vehicles... HOA will track and defend existing hybrid purchase incentives as well as advocating for new incentive arrangements.
For those that don't realize it, the reason hybrids are growing in popularity is because (1) gas is expensive (2) the government pays you to buy one. Yes it is a tax refund incentive, but the net result is the same for most people. Unfortunately gas isn't so expensive that hybrids still make sense without that incentive. Plus the tax incentive program for several manufacturers (like Toyota) is running out because the Prius is sporting good sales numbers.

But people still want something for free. Be it bread, circuses, or hybrid vehicles, HoA is going to lobby congress so that middle class Americans (the people that actually buy the hybrids new and get the current tax credits) get to receive free money forever. Lets hope Congress has enough sense to tell these people to take a hike and let the free market work for a change.

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