Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cat Blogging Across Teh Internets

Evangelical Outpost is posting on cat macros also known as lolcats. I don't know from whence this trend came, but it just proves that cats are kooky, funny, animals. I think they are made all the funnier because, unlike dogs, cats have dignity.

Via Tamara, it's a seasonal adventure with a great pictorial payoff that still makes me glad Milo is a shorthair.

Over at Incoherent Ramblings, Risawn once more exposes the lie that is the "free" cat. Even if you don't adopt an animal with serious health problems like Ruth, you're still going to pay out the nose for quite a while if you care about the animals well-being. We adopted Milo for $80. Getting treatment for his ear mites and fleas, bringing his shots up to date, and then treating his urinary crystals probably cost us several hundred dollars. That isn't even looking at how much we've spent on kitty litter, toys, electronic food/water units, cat beds, etc. But he is a great cat and he's worth it.

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