Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The New Legalism

Because what is Pharisaical legalism, really, but self-help with bad p.r.?
That is probably the best, but not the only great quote one of the Thinklings examination of the failings of 21st century spirituality. Here is a bit more:
And people love this stuff. They want to be told religion is not about rules and regulations while at the same time being told each week which four steps (with helpful alliteration) they need to do in order to achieve maximum what-have-you. They want to be reassured that works don't merit salvation while at the same time convinced salvation is about trying really hard to do things that unlock the power or secret of God's such-and-such.
Christianity is aptly named because it isn't about me or you. It isn't about what we can do. It is about Jesus Christ. The Good News is not "be excellent to one another." That's Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It isn't "don't screw up" or even "preach boldly." The Gospel is that God loved you so much that created a way that your screw ups wouldn't matter. What does he ask for this? Just that you love him back. That's it. Love him back.

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