Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doing What Ya Gotta Do

Such is the Clinton mantra about attack ads and using outright lies against their opponents. Unfortunately it isn't paying off very well in their primary battle against Barack Obama. I guess you can't do that sort of thing to other Democrats.

This morning I saw some actual journalism coming out of the mainstream media. What was it you ask? This morning's GMA showed clips of Hillary misrepresenting Obama alongside clips of what Obama actually said in those instances. They didn't match up at all. Then they did the same for Obama's claims about Clinton. Surprise, surprise he actually told the truth about his opponent.

Not that Obama got a complete pass. He was criticized for distancing himself from past political patron Antoin Rezko, who is currently under federal indictment. Obama claims he only did a few hours of work for Rezko, neglecting to mention that he's received $150,000 in political contributions from him over the years and Rezko helped him finance his house.

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