Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I watched the premier on Sunday, but not the next episode that they showed on Monday night. It was pretty good, but not amazing. The writing just wasn't wowing me.

The woman playing Sarah Connor seemed too young and her character seemed too stupid. The Sarah Connor of T2 was smart and dangerous and she acted like it. She would wear pants in earth-tones, not pastels and mini-skirts. She would have had a password system so her son would have known whether they were talking to a killer robot or a loved one.

John had the same problem. Young John in T2 was a delinquent, but he was also smart and resourceful. Older John of Chronicles didn't have the same fire. He defers to his mother a lot and came of as a whiner not a doer. Hopefully this will change.

Summer Glau did a good job as she always does. It's nice to see her play someone who isn't crazy for a change even if her character is some sort of reprogrammed killer robot.

The show isn't perfect, but it is worth watching. Plus it is way better than reality TV.

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