Monday, January 14, 2008

Great Quotes

This one comes from a poster over at Zombie Squad:
In most situations of female self defense, the woman isn't trying to kill an armed opponent an an act of mutual combat. She is trying to cause him to lose interest in her purse, or temporarily cause him to be unable to maintain an erection.
Very true. Most predators are actually cowards and opportunists. They're doing it for the easy score. Once they realize you aren't an easy score, they're going to lose interest very quickly.

UPDATE: There is another good quote about police response:
When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
Unfortunately there are still crazies out there when presentation of a gun is not enough. Politics, Guns, and Beer is publicizing a YouTube advocacy piece featuring the audio track of a 911 call made when a crazed attacker was breaking into her home. I can't say it has a happy ending, because the nameless woman will probably see her attacker's face in her dreams for the rest of her life. But that is the only place she will see it. I guess that's a silver lining.

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