Thursday, January 17, 2008

Interview Questions

Hube reports the Democratic candidates answers to that most common of job interview questions, "What is your biggest fault?":
John Edwards: My greatest weakness is that I care too much, Tim. For 54 years, I've been fighting. I emerged from the womb with my dukes up, ready to do battle with every fiber of my day-old being.

Hillary Clinton: My greatest weakness is that I get impatient — impatient with people who don't care as much about children as I do.

Barack Obama: My greatest weakness? Sometimes I misplace stuff. I'm a little disorganized. It's probably a good thing I'm not in charge of my own schedule.
Wow nobody said they were a perfectionist or worked too hard? I guess I've been giving the wrong answer for that all these years. I'd better steal a page from the professionals.

Have you ever had an interview for a position you realized you don't want? If that ever happens again, I'm just going to make something up and see what the interviewer does. "My biggest fault? I'm a pedophile. But I only indulge myself on my regular trips to Thailand. I figure I'm only there to smuggle heroine back to the States so it doesn't really count." Or "I'm incredibly flatulent, especially in enclosed spaces like elevators and interview offices. Must be my diet or something. Oh, excuse me."

UPDATE: Actually, were I ever in a political debate, my answer would probably be: "Can I just say I'm a caring, impatient, perfectionist, workaholic like everyone else? Oh wait, I know what my problem is! I don't tolerate wasting my time very well."

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