Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romney's Out of the Race

For me at least. I heard Mitt Romney giving a pander to Michigan voters on the drive home from visiting family in Connecticut. Romney's statements were something like:
"Michigan has been in a one state recession for years and the Federal government has done nothing for you, I intend to change that."
That statement is just every kind of wrong. If you have only one state in financial difficulty, then by definition you do not have an interstate problem. So by definition the Federal government aught not have a role in fixing it.

The thing that bugs me about bad politics and failed policy is that they act like viruses. It's bad enough that the refuge populations from states like New Jersey and California are setting up shop elsewhere and repeating old mistakes on new ground. When the higher levels of government step in to prop up failed governments, things get even worse. Why should they change when the state or federal government will just fill their coffers with other people's money from less foolhardy states?

If you're in a long one-state recession, that means your state is screwed up not the nation. Don't expect my tax dollars to enable your failed policies. Put your house in order!

UPDATE: Fred Thompson's response to Romney's promises:
He basically promised the federal government would come in and bail out Michigan when he got elected President – very conservative notion, don't you think?
You know I like him more and more.

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