Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Family: Culinary Kryptonite

Amybear and I received a breadmaker as a wedding present and we finally got around to using it last night, four months later. We also got around to using that bread knife in the knife set we received as well. Very tasty.

There are few foods I have trouble resisting, but fresh warm baked goods are tough. I can chow down on dinner rolls and fresh bread like nobody's business and have been this way for as long as I can remember. My mom always made sure I didn't get rolls until I was well into dinner for this reason. If we keep using the breadmaker, my carb intake is going to skyrocket as will my waistline.

Last night, we made a wholewheat honey banana bread. The bread itself turned out well or at least it was warm, fresh, and tasty which is what I like in a bread. We thought it would be more of a flavorful desert bread (like a zucchini bread), but it turned out to be more of the garden variety sort. The banana flavor in particular is a lot more subtle than Amy wanted. Perhaps it's because I added a smidge too much yeast and it rose a bit higher than expected. Or perhaps not. I'm not much of a baker so how should I know?

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