Thursday, October 26, 2006

Politics: Ditto

From Ryan at Jokers to the Right:
The more I thought about it, the Lesson of 1998 kept coming to the forefront of my mind. If Jason and his ilk gain control of Congress in January, then this country will be torn apart by investigation after investigation and trial after trial. Most will turn out like the Clinton impeachment proceedings, politically motivated, damaging to the political enviroment in general, and mostly fruitless. I am sure that many of you remember the Plamegate/Libby thing that turned from anticipation of Dick Cheney on a silver platter- 'Fitzmas," to nothing. Imagine two years of that.

I think the Republicans deserve to lose. They have done nothing to merit my votes, but the Democrats have done everything to make me want to keep them out of power for the next two years.
Yup. I'm not voting Republican because they deserve it. Frankly I don't like anything they've done in the last 2 years. No I'm generally voting Republican because the Democrats haven't show that they have the capacity to do any better. So I'm hoping the Republicans dodge the bullet, but that it doesn't miss by much. Maybe it'll wake the bastards up so they start doing the peoples' business for once.

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