Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guns: This Weekends Range Report

While Amy was at work this Saturday, I was at play at the range. This time I remembered to bring my targets and my milspec AR-15 zeroing instructions with me. Now Mabel shoots to point of aim at 25 meters. I was shooting groups with all or most of the bullets touching. Now that isn't actually that spectacular at 25 meters, but I'm very happy with it since my rifle skill is weak, I was shooting with irons, and I was shooting bullets that are only a .22 inches wide.

There was some bad of course. As I pulled into the parking lot at Ommelanden, it started to rain. It continued to rain until I started packing my rifle up at which point the sun came out. Go figure. It also seems muzzleloader season is upon us and most of the people at the range were getting their rifles ready. And for those not in the know, muzzleloaders stink. Not in a this-gun-is-bad way. No they actually smell because black powder contains healthy amounts of sulphur. Most people were shooting substitutes, but they still smell like stinkbombs going off. I would be more than willing to put up with this if the individuals in question were firing historic sidelock muzzleloaders like flintlocks or cap-locks. Hell, I'd have stopped shooting and just watched them shoot. Unfortunately everybody had inlines, which just bore me.

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