Tuesday, May 06, 2008


From Stuff Christians Like:
I can't prove this, but I think Christians might be better at frisbee than non-Christians. I know that doesn't sound very scientific, but it feels right. Roughly 94% of the Christians I know can really throw the Frisbee well. They're good at ultimate frisbee, can play disc golf, and can even throw a pretty accurate flick or sidearm if you will. The Christians that can't throw the frisbee? Probably backsliding.
His speculation about Jesus playing pickup Ultimate with the Disciples is hilarious.

I had a similar realization in college. Frisbee seems to be the sport of the counter-culture. Real Jocks play games like basketball or baseball. Nerd Jocks play Ultimate. After IV Gatherings on Friday, people either watched a movie in a dorm lounge or got a game going on Harrington Beach.

This sank in after I threw around a disc with some guys from from my classes. They were as close to jocks as Engineers get. The sort of engineering student who joins a frat, talks about cars a lot, and hits a bar to celebrate finishing the night's problem set. Not the guys I normally hung out with. When I joined the circle, the guy with the frisbee decided to have some fun with the beanpole and rocketed it to me. I caught the disc one handed, flipped it around, and shot it off to the next guy in kind. After a brief game of how far and how fast, they realized that I'd thrown a frisbee before.

My experience with after-work Ultimate has shown me what a backslider I am though. I blame my lack of quiet times with the elliptical trainer rather than any spiritual deficiencies.

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